Single column or base knot

Learning to practice shibari safely is essential for building solid and reliable foundations in this artistic and sensual discipline. Learn the single column, it’s essential for creating this solid, reliable foundation. Every shibari scene rests on a simple backbone, namely the quality of the knots you master. It’s imperative to be more than convinced of the safety of your knots, because confidence is the key to any successful experience.

Safe shibari starts with learning the Single Column.

The simplicity of a knot should never be underestimated. Each knot has its own importance and contributes to the overall safety of the session. It’s crucial never to overestimate your skills. Even experienced artists regularly practice basic knots, perfecting them like musicians practicing their scales. This constant repetition reinforces mastery and familiarity with each knot, enabling you to ensure the model’s safety and explore more advanced techniques with confidence.

When learning shibari, start with the basics, learn the Single Column. Understand the fundamentals of knots and familiarize yourself with the different techniques. An experienced mentor can be invaluable in guiding you and correcting your movements. Take time to practice each knot in isolation before combining them in more complex sequences.

I’ve included the three different versions I teach. Don’t work on all three in parallel. For best results in learning the single column, I advise you to try them out, choose the one you’re most comfortable with and develop a muscle memory on it.

Safety is not just about knots, but also about constant communication with your partner. Set clear signals to indicate your partner’s comfort and tolerance levels. Pay attention to physical and emotional reactions, and adapt your practice accordingly.

In summary, learning to shibari safely relies on understanding the basics, regular practice, and open communication with your partner. This creates an environment of trust where artistic exploration can flourish in complete safety.